Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Have Backup Evidence after an Auto Accident

by Yolanda Lane

Auto accidents sometimes rely on very subjective information or information that could be lose easily. Dents, scrapes, public damage, and other pieces of evidence could be lost or repaired--by malice or by accident--before you're able to use anything as evidence. As soon as possible, take these evidence protection techniques into action in order to keep a reliable backup of your info.

Record Everything, Even after the Fact

Recording or picture taking may not have occurred to you in the intensity of an auto accident situation. It's reasonable to believe that police, others involved in the accident or innocent bystanders may have gathered the evidence, but there's no reason to get your own evidence.

If you can access the vehicles or the accident scene, use a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer to get compelling evidence. They may not be professional cameras, but the quality is more than good enough for court if you're close and stable enough.

Get evidence of skid marks, the different angles of damage and any questionable evidence such as open containers of alcohol or distracting gadgets in your legal opponent's car. Anything that could push fault squarely on the hands of your opponent should be recorded carefully.

If you're receiving threatening or harassing contact from others involved in the accident case, make sure to record it as well. There are a number of free apps available for mobile devices that can easily record conversations, store texts, and archive emails.

Consult an auto accident attorney before trying to use the calls in court, as there may be legal policies in your area against using recordings without permission. The recording itself should still happen, as even without it as evidence you may be able to find a weakness in your legal opponent's defense.

Saving Information Is Safe Areas

Once you have the recorded information, you'll need safe copies in multiple cases. In the event that you lose the information or the information is stolen, having a reliable backup can save you when it's time for court.

For physical evidence, duplicating pictures with a copier or computer scanner is a good technique. The information can be saved on a computer or kept in a folder for use later, and is easy to do for most people. If you don't know how to use a scanner on a computer, an auto accident attorney can help you.

If you have digital information, email the evidence to your attorney and people who deserve your trust. If your information is lost, the data can be saved on the other person's computer, their email account ,and in the sent folder of your email account. You can even text the information to another phone or to email addresses to be safe.

Contact an auto accident attorney to safeguard your evidence and prepare a defense to get the compensation you deserve.


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