Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

  • Three Things That May Complicate Your Car Accident Claim

    A car accident claim may not be as complicated as, say, a defective product claim. However, this doesn't mean everything will run efficiently when you start processing your claim. Complications may arise and make your settlement payday a mirage. Here are some of the possible complications: Admission Against Interest Statement An admission of interest statement is one that has the potential to hurt your case. Courts admit such statements in court because they believe a person cannot lie if the lie has the potential of getting him or her into trouble with the law.

  • Injured at Work? Should You File For Workers' Comp or a Civil Claim?

    If you have suffered an on-the-job injury like millions of people do each year, then it is likely that you need some form of compensation. However, one of the primary questions that injured workers have is whether they should accept the workers' compensation benefits that they are offered or attempt to file a third-party lawsuit in civil court. Under most circumstances, you can't do both. However, because each work and injury situation is different, it is important to consider both options and see if it is even possible to do both.

  • Understanding Personal Injury Lawyer Fees

    When searching for a personal injury lawyer, you might have heard that you don't have to pay a fee if the settlement doesn't go your way. It is true that many lawyers will not make you pay upfront or pay any type of fee if you don't win your case but what are these fees for? Here is a breakdown to help understand the fees you will be asked to pay.

  • What You Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury And Auto Accident Claims

    If you have been in an auto accident, you should be aware of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Stats indicate TBI causes 50,000 deaths, 230,000 hospitalizations, and 80,000-90,000 people have long-term disabilities resulting from it. You may not think anything is wrong until weeks later when the signs of TBI start appearing, and by then, your case will likely already have been settled. Here are some things to know about TBI after an auto accident.

  • Fall At Work Because Of Rain Or Snow Residue Inside The Building? Call A Lawyer

    If you were at work and you were injured on the office floor because there are no rugs to soak up water from the snow or rain that people bring in, you should call a lawyer. If your injuries have kept you from being able to go to work every day and you require surgery or another type of therapy, you shouldn't have to pay.  There are some key pieces of evidence you'll need to pursue your case.

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Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

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