Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

  • 4 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Help You After A Fender Bender

    If you're like millions of other people, you carry your smart phone with you at all times. When you've just been in a minor car accident, your phone can be a valuable tool in making sure that you can gather important information for your insurance claim or build a case against the other driver. Here are four ways that your smart phone can help you after your fender bender: 1. Calling the Police

  • 3 Tips For Working With A Real Time Court Reporter

    When you hire a court reporter to do a real time deposition, you will be able to see a transcript on your laptop or tablet as the deposition proceeds. This can be an invaluable tool that allows you to make notes and mark testimony. Not only that, but you can transmit the transcript to other locations so that colleagues can see how the deposition is going. However, if you have not worked with a real time court reporter before, here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

  • Marital Torts: When Divorce Is Not Enough

    Marriages end for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, it's nobody's fault – the two spouses were simply incompatible, or grew apart over time. And no-fault divorce laws have made it easier for people in unhappy marriages to cut their losses and get out quickly. But what happens when one partner is at fault – when their actions have not only contributed to the end of the marriage, but also injured their partner?

  • The Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy

    If you have more debt than you have income, your best bet may be to file for bankruptcy. Many people struggle with debt for years out of fear of filing for bankruptcy. They have the misconception that filing for bankruptcy is the worst thing they can do for their finances. However, in many cases, filing bankruptcy can be a good choice. If you are trying to decide whether or not bankruptcy is right for your situation, then you want to learn about the benefits it has to offer.

  • What To Do If You Are Injured

    The days and weeks following an injury can be difficult and overwhelming as you deal with trying to heal and get your medical bills paid. It is important to keep a clear head immediately following an accident and take steps to be sure you receive all of the help you are entitled to. Here are a few things you can do to protect your rights following an accident. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible: A personal injury attorney can be your best ally after your accident.

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Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

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