Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

  • Potential Mistakes When Creating A Will And How To Avoid Them By Working With An Attorney

    When creating their wills, many who don't work with legal advisors make costly mistakes that render their documents invalid. This makes it challenging for their heirs to inherit the estate once they are gone. Notably, if a will has errors, family members spend a lot of time and resources seeking the court's authorization to inherit the property. Fortunately, when creating a real estate plan, you can avoid such issues by working with an attorney.

  • Guardians Ad Litem And Your Family Law Case — What To Know

    Family law cases are difficult on many levels, often requiring that very complex situations be sorted out for the benefit of parents, spouses, and children. If your family law dispute involves children, the court may even request that an outside party serve a unique role — guardian ad litem. What is a guardian ad litem? How can they help both you and your minor children? And what say do you have in the matter?

  • Testate: Do You Need An Estate Administration Attorney?

    If your deceased loved one named or designated you the executor of their estate in their will, you may wonder if the estate must go through probate before you can distribute the contents of their will. Your loved one's will must go through a process called testate probate before you can execute or administer the contents of their will. Learn more about testate probate and what you need to do to administer the contents of your loved one's will below.

  • How To Handle Minor Auto Accidents

    Once you have been involved in an auto accident, you might take exception to the term "minor." All car accidents have the potential to disrupt your life and cost you money. Unfortunately, some victims decide that their accident is not worth dealing with. Read on and find out why even a minor accident deserves proper handling.  Some Not So Minor Problems The vehicles made today do an excellent job of preventing serious injuries.

  • Should You File Chapter 7 Or 13? How To Know

    There are many types of bankruptcy, all known by the chapter they occupy in the bankruptcy code. Most consumers end up filing either chapter 7 or 13. These two forms of bankruptcy both allow consumers to get some financial relief but in different ways. Read on for a comparison of the two. Chapter 7 Liquidation This type of bankruptcy is relatively quick. It may only take a few months to be complete depending on the case backlog in your federal district.

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Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Hello, I'm Christina Miller. Have you ever been fascinated with why the law works the way it does? Ever since I was in junior high, I had an intense interest in anything related to our legal system, whether it be a crime drama on television, a judge show or a legal case covered on the news. I followed it all. As time progressed, I began learning about how the actual legal system worked and not just the fictionalized version of our legal system. This has lead me to start writing my own blog posts about law that I hope will help others.