Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Fall At Work Because Of Rain Or Snow Residue Inside The Building? Call A Lawyer

by Yolanda Lane

If you were at work and you were injured on the office floor because there are no rugs to soak up water from the snow or rain that people bring in, you should call a lawyer. If your injuries have kept you from being able to go to work every day and you require surgery or another type of therapy, you shouldn't have to pay. 

There are some key pieces of evidence you'll need to pursue your case. Gather these things and make your way to a personal injury lawyer (such as Walz Law Office) to get the case started.

Record of Injury

Was the ambulance called or did you have to go straight the hospital or leave work right after the fall? Do you have copies of all the x-rays and physicians appointments, where your diagnosis is stated on documents? If so, these are needed for the case. If you can have a physician write a statement about you injury and what caused it, and what type of extensive treatment you may still have to endure for it to heal.

Eye Witnesses for the Injury and Conditions

Was someone there to watch you slip and fall, or do you have other coworkers that will write a testimonial about how wet the floors are and how dangerous the condition can be? If so, then this may be the key evidence needed for the case. Is there a video camera in the building that recorded the entire thing? If so, you'll want to notify your lawyer so they can put out a court order to get the documents right away.

Compiled Expenses

Make a compiled list of the expenses that have resulted from the injury. If you had to go without a pay check or take less money if you had to pay out of pocket for medical expenses, and you have other bills that occurred, get a long list together so your lawyer can see what all this incident has cost you. You want to get all of your money back and then more when you file a case.

The money you can get isn't going to take away the physical pain that you've had to deal with because your employer didn't keep the floors dry around your building, but it will help you move on with your life. Contact a lawyer as quickly as you can to start figuring out your case and if you have enough evidence.


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