Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Devious Husbands: How He Can Use The Law Against You

by Yolanda Lane

In a perfect world, divorces would be quick and amicable—but as you already know, the world is far from perfect. As a woman going through a divorce, you need to understand the range of methods an angry husband could use against you, and you need to be proactive (rather than reactive) as you work toward a fair settlement.

Intentionally Creating Conflicts of Interest

A vindictive husband can make it hard for you to hire the right divorce lawyer. Here's how the process works: He'll have consultations with all the best lawyers in your area, and he'll divulge enough information to create attorney-client privilege. Once that's done, the lawyer will be precluded from taking your case.

Delaying and Stalling

By repeatedly pushing back court hearings, or by filing too many evidentiary requests and motions, an angry husband can drive up your legal costs. In such cases, your husband is hoping you'll run out of money and that you'll be forced to accept a settlement offer, which isn't likely to be favorable.  

Excessive Pressure

If your husband wants you to agree upon a settlement quickly, he may be hiding something. For instance, his attorney may send you a settlement proposal under the guise of wanting to get things over with. A rushed settlement is devious, especially if your husband is hiding income and assets—and then petitioning the court for an equal split of the portion he's NOT hiding.

Denying Access to Financial Assets

It may sound antiquated, but many women allow their husbands to completely control marital finances. During a contentious divorce, your husband could use your lack of participation and knowledge against you. By ensuring your lack of access to funds, or by cutting up your credit cards, your husband can leave you without the money you need to support yourself, much less hire a divorce lawyer—while he still gets the best of everything. If you're in an abusive marriage, this can be extremely problematic.

Refusal to Pay Support or Give up Assets

If your husband fails to follow a court order, he's breaking the law—and you're likely to have to take him to court again to get your fair share, at considerable expense. Furthermore, deception on your husband's part can be extraordinarily difficult to prove, even for a well-meaning attorney or judge.

Divorces are often contentious, and they can bring long-dormant feelings of resentment to the surface. A vindictive husband can use any number of dirty tricks against you. As soon as you know you are filing for divorce, quickly contact a professional divorce lawyer, like Kenneth J. Molnar Attorney, and work together to create your proactive defense.


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