Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Is Your Boss Sexually Harassing You?

by Yolanda Lane

Working for someone that makes you feel uncomfortable is not good, but when that person begins making sexual advancements towards you, discomfort becomes another feeling altogether. Your boss may have begun saying things to you that made you feel uncomfortable, but when he or she makes advances that include touching or pressuring you, you may have a case of legitimate sexual harassment. Learn more about what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

Not Every Gesture Is Considered By Law To Be Sexual Harassment

While you may find a gesture from your boss highly offensive, the law in your area may not. For example, if your boss continually asks you out to dinner, this may or may not be considered sexual harassment depending on both the area you live in and the outlined rules of the company. However, if your boss suddenly became of tired of asking you out to dinner and became more forceful about it and touched you, that would almost certainly be considered harassment, regardless of where you live.

Running Into Your Boss Out Of The Workplace

In the event you have a run-in with your boss outside of the workplace and he or she makes advancements of a sexual nature towards you, you should be sure to discuss the occurrence with your attorney. The laws regarding this type of encounter vary. This type of occurrence may not have a bearing on a sexual harassment case between you and that person. Your attorney will be able to advise you about how to handle chance encounters with your boss while not in the workplace.

Knowing Who To Talk To About Sexual Harassment

In most cases of workplace sexual harassment, the person being harassed can go to their boss about it. However, when it is your boss doing the harassment, you need to tell someone else. Many companies have in place plans and managers that are designated to be the go-to person for someone if the boss is the one sexually harassing an employee. You may be able to find information about who you can talk to about it in your employee manual.

Being sexually harassed at work can be quite disconcerting. If you feel as though the advancements made towards you by your boss have become too much, contacting an attorney like Davis George Mook for help stopping the advancements if the best way to go.


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