Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Top Tips For Motorcycle Safety

by Yolanda Lane

Buying a motorcycle is an exciting time in any person's life. Riding a motorcycle conjures up images of freedom and feeling the wind in your face as you cruise the open road. Before you get going on that motorbike road trip, however, it's essential to focus on staying safe as you ride. As a motorcyclist you are more vulnerable to injury than someone riding in a car, so knowing how to reduce your chances of an accident is crucial. This article examines some of the best tips to keep you safe.

Take a Course

The first step is to sign up for a motorcycle safety course given by a trained professional. Whether you are totally new to motorbike riding or getting back into the activity after a break, these courses will be invaluable. They teach you what to watch out for when you are on the road and how to avoid hazards, such as careless automobile drivers.

The Right Gear

Your gear is an important safety element when riding a motorcycle. Unlike auto drivers and passengers, you have no protection from landing on the ground or the street in case of an accident. All you have to protect your body is your gear. So, make sure that it's the best you can get.

Of course, your most vital piece of riding gear is your helmet. All helmets sold in the United States must carry a sticker showing that they meet Department of Transportation safety standards. Make certain that any helmet you purchase has this sticker. Some sellers offer unauthorized helmets for sale, so avoid these items. One key feature to look for when buying a helmet is an inch-thick lining of polystyrene foam on the inside. If a helmet with a sticker does not have this feature, the sticker is likely to be fraudulent.


You should never get on a motorcycle without a well-made pair of gloves. Any rider in an accident instinctively puts out his hands when a fall occurs. A good pair of gloves will protect you from unnecessary cuts and lacerations.


A good motorcycle jacket is not a fashion accessory. Get a thick jacket made out of leather or a strong synthetic material to protect your skin from abrasions in case you fall onto the pavement.

Even when you take every precaution, motorcycles accidents are still common because many automobile drivers are not careful around motorbike riders. If you are in an accident due to a careless driver, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.


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