Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Fair vs. Unfair: Spotting the Difference When Dealing With a Car Insurance Company After an Accident

by Yolanda Lane

You have an automobile accident and you are certain it was the other driver's fault. You aren't even worried when you place that call to file a claim because surely the insurance company will side with you and state the same. You should have no problem getting the money you deserve, right? Unfortunately, dealing with an insurance company after an automobile accident is a tricky business.

Not all insurers are bad, but they do have the best interests of their company in mind, and large settlement offers really eat into profit margins. This outlook leads a lot of injured drivers to an auto accident lawyer. Here is a look at what could be deemed fair or unfair when it comes to how you are being treated by the insurance company after an automobile accident. 

Fair: The insurance company is quick to respond to your claim. 

Unfair: You filed your auto accident claim weeks ago and the insurance company has still not returned your calls, told you what the next steps should be, and what is happening with your claim. You leave voicemail messages, send emails, and submit the necessary documentation and there's nothing but silence from the company. In this situation, the insurance company could be prolonging their contact and hoping that you will just move on with your life. It's a good time to call an attorney. 

Fair: The insurance company interviews you about the accident once and moves forward with your claim.  

Unfair: The insurance company has requested several telephone interviews and repeatedly asked for documents you've already submitted. An interview between you and the insurance company is common after filing a claim, but repeated efforts can be an attempt to get you to say the wrong things so it can be claimed you were at fault. 

Fair: The insurance company offers you a settlement that covers all of your medical expenses (including expected expenses down the road, all of your lost wages, and all of the money you need to repair your vehicle. 

Unfair: The insurance company sends you a settlement offer that barely covers the costs of vehicle repairs, let alone your medical expenses or lost wages. They aren't even considering the fact that you've had to have therapy to get through PTSD due to the trauma. If you are getting a lowball settlement offer, it is time to call an auto accident attorney. The insurance company is not treating you fairly. 

If you think that an insurance company is treating you unfairly, contact an auto accident lawyer.


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