Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Injured In An Auto Accident? Know What Evidence You Should Gather

by Yolanda Lane

The moments after an auto accident can be a bit confusing as you try to find your bearings and assess the situation. If you happened to suffer an injury, you'll likely be focused on getting medical treatment rather than sticking around to see what will happen. Here are some tips for what evidence you should gather to help you out later when settling your personal injury case to cover your injury expenses.

Take Photographs

The first thing you should do is start taking photographs of the accident site. You'll want to get those final positions that the cars ended captured, any skid marks on the road that could indicate reaction time by the other driver, the damage to your vehicle, and damage to surrounding property. All of these photos can come together and tell the story of what happened to cause the accident. Take some video as well and get some sweeping shots of the accident scene so that you don't miss any details. All of this evidence will likely be gone if you have to come back to the site later, so you must do this immediately.

Talk To Witnesses

Was anyone around at the time to witness the accident? This could be pedestrians that were walking in the area at the time of the accident, or other drivers that were willing to stop and see if you were okay. You don't need to get their statement at the time of the accident if you need to seek medical attention, but you should get their contact information to get a statement later. A police officer may reach out to them to record a statement for the police report.

Gather Video Evidence

Take a moment to think about any potential video evidence you could gather that captured the accident. If you, the other driver, or a witness had a dashcam, you should definitely get that video so that it can be reviewed later. However, you should also think about homes and businesses in the area that may have it captured as well. Check local businesses to see if they have security cameras that could have captured the accident, or local homes that have video doorbells that capture all video to the cloud. You may be surprised that there is actually a video of the accident out there that people may not even know about.

Work with an auto injury attorney for more information on what evidence you need for your case.


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