Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Battling an Employer & Insurance Company for Workers Compensation Benefits

by Yolanda Lane

A job that requires strenuous work is risky because the possibility of getting injured is higher than in nonstrenuous jobs. Business owners that hire employees to perform strenuous jobs are commonly covered under workers compensation insurance, and the coverage is sometimes mandatory. Unfortunately, sometimes employers deny their employees workers compensation benefits although an injury on the job has clearly happened. For example, if an employee claims that he or she is suffering from a back injury, his or her employer might claim that the injury was already present or happened at home. Going against an employer and insurance company can be a battle that is already lost unless a worker compensation lawyer is hired.

How Does Hiring a Lawyer Make a Difference?

Hiring a lawyer for a workers compensation case makes a significant difference because it increases the seriousness of the case. When an injured employer files for workers compensation benefits on his or her own, it makes it easier to get taken advantage of. The presence of a lawyer makes it known to an employer and insurance company that an injured employee is serious about getting approved for benefits. When a lawyer is present in such a case, the benefits might get approved faster. The reason is that an employer and insurance company are more likely to not use unfair tactics against an employee.

What Does Workers Compensation Benefits Cover?

Workers compensation benefits cover a variety of things depending on an injured employee's situation. The medical expenses to treat the injury are one of the things that are covered by filing a claim. If an employee cannot work during treatment, his or her lost wages can be paid via filing a claim. The money paid for lost wages might be lower than what he or she usually receives. If the injuries lead to an employee passing away, his or her family can be compensated. A lawyer can help them receive the fullest extent of workers compensation benefits.

Is the Opinion of Multiple Doctors Necessary?

The opinion of multiple doctors is not needed to get approved for workers compensation benefits. However, a lawyer might recommend getting multiple opinions because it will strengthen his or her client's case. A lawyer might also speak to the doctors on his or her own to learn how a client's injury will affect his or her ability to work in the future. In some cases, multiple doctors can be subpoenaed as witnesses if the case goes to court.

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