Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

A Disability Lawyer Can Be A Good Idea

by Yolanda Lane

If you are unable to work because you are permanently disabled, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. It can be confusing and difficult to apply. The application has so many parts that it is easy to get disheartened and want to give up. If you have applied and gotten denied, it can make it even harder for you to want to appeal and try again. One thing you can do to help with everything is to hire an attorney specializing in Social Security law. They will know the ins and outs of who may qualify for SSD and what it takes to apply. How can a Social Security attorney help you with your case?

Gather Evidence

Whether for your first application or an appeal, you need evidence of your disability. That evidence can include your medical records, but it can also include social evidence. For example, part of the necessary paperwork for the application is a section that gets filled out by a family member or friend. That part of the paperwork concerns how they see your disability affecting your life. If you hire an attorney to help you with the process, they will tell you what kind of evidence you need and how to fill out the paperwork so that your evidence best supports your claims. Since many denials come back due to a lack of evidence, your attorney's help in gathering all necessary evidence is essential. 

Qualifying Condition

Instead of applying and hoping that your condition meets the qualifications or reading all the confusing details, you can go to a Social Security lawyer. Because they work on many cases like this, they can tell you if your condition qualifies and how it qualifies. If your condition doesn't quite meet the requirements, the attorney can also help you find other ways in which you may be eligible for disability benefits. For example, the Social Security Administration has something called GRID rules. These rules are for people who might not meet or equal one of the disabilities SSA has set up. There are different levels in the GRID rules, and if you meet them, you still have a chance to get disability benefits. 

If you are unable to work because of a disability, you may qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. You can hire an attorney to help you with your case, whether you are applying for the first time or appealing a rejection. For more information, contact a disability case lawyer near you.


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