Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

  • 3 Reasons To File For Bankruptcy Before A Divorce

    Although there are many reasons for why a marriage may not work out, one of the leading causes involves finances. If you've decided to get out of the relationship and also seek financial freedom and relief, you might be at a loss as to whether you should file for divorce first or file for bankruptcy first. While there are many pros and cons to each option, filing for bankruptcy first can really help your financial situation.

  • How Can You Avoid A Judgement?

    There are several options to explore if you want to avoid a judgement when you are late on repaying a debt. Some of these actions may be performed before a judgement is rendered, while others require legal recourse after a judgement has been granted. What is a judgement? A judgement is a legal acknowledgement of a debt and an enforcement of repayment of the debt. When a debtor falls behind in repayment of a debt, and the creditor seeks to force repayment, the creditor will file for a judgement in a local civil court.

  • FAQs About Invoking The Right To Remain Silent

    Even if you have not been involved with the criminal justice system, chances are you are familiar with Miranda warnings. A key component of Miranda warnings is that you have the right to remain silent. Unfortunately, there is some gray area regarding your silence that could hurt your defense. If you are facing criminal charges, here is what you need to know about invoking your right to silence.  Do You Have the Right to Remain Silent?

  • Do Anti-Bullying Laws Exist?

    Bullying was just once something that happened in school to almost everyone. It has now become a major issue, especially when cyber bullying is taken into account. More individuals are taking their own lives over bullying and this has resulted in the government stepping in. Leaving parents to question, are anti-bullying laws now in existence and what do they mean for their children? 49 States Have Anti-Bullying Laws There is currently no federal law against bullying, but 49 states have created their own law against it.

  • Is Your Boss Sexually Harassing You?

    Working for someone that makes you feel uncomfortable is not good, but when that person begins making sexual advancements towards you, discomfort becomes another feeling altogether. Your boss may have begun saying things to you that made you feel uncomfortable, but when he or she makes advances that include touching or pressuring you, you may have a case of legitimate sexual harassment. Learn more about what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

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Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

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