Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

  • Is Your Boss Sexually Harassing You?

    Working for someone that makes you feel uncomfortable is not good, but when that person begins making sexual advancements towards you, discomfort becomes another feeling altogether. Your boss may have begun saying things to you that made you feel uncomfortable, but when he or she makes advances that include touching or pressuring you, you may have a case of legitimate sexual harassment. Learn more about what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

  • Are You A Veteran? Know About 3 Disabilities You Could Need Legal Help With

    As a veteran that suffers with a disability, receiving disability benefits is something you are most likely looking into. Unfortunately, even after contacting your VA and filing a claim, you could be denied benefits and not be sure why. Now that you have the denial letter, the next step should be hiring a lawyer that can help you appeal the claim denial and figure out if you are entitled to compensation for these three situations.

  • Two Ways To Get Money To Pay For A Student Loan Rehabilitation Agreement

    When a person defaults on a federal student loan, the Department of Education will garnish up to 25 percent of his or her wages. While you can file bankruptcy to stop the garnishment, the relief will only be temporary. Student loans are not discharged in bankruptcy, so the government can and will attach your wages again once the case ends. It's possible to stop the garnishment by taking part in the government's loan rehabilitation program.

  • Too Old For This! 3 Sneaky Tactics Employers Use To Eliminate Older Employees

    If you're growing well into your senior years but are still part of the workforce, you have a few more concerns that come along with your age. In fact, one survey showed that 48 percent of individuals claim they've either witnessed discrimination because of age or they've been on the receiving end of discrimination in the workplace. Even though you have the right to fair treatment at work regardless of your age, some businesses and employers will use underhanded tactics to try to push aging employees out of the way.

  • Bailing Someone Out Of Jail For The First Time? What Will Happen If They Make A Bail Jump

    Approximately 70,000 criminals jump bail each year, which is the equivalent to 1,200 per week. When you bail someone out of jail, they must appear at their scheduled court hearing. If they do not appear, this is known as bail jumping. Below is some information about how a bail bond works, and what happens if the person in jail fails to appear in court. Bail Bond When someone is arrested a bond is set.

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Insights Into How Our Legal System Works

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